New Zealand Flags Hand Sewn

  • Product Description

    • The New Zealand Flag has a royal blue background with a Union Jack , and four five-pointed red stars centred within four five pointed white stars,

      Superior quality handmade sewn appliqued New Zealand flags made with colour fast vibrant flag material, all roped and toggled ready to fly.

      Sewn flags are the most traditional way to manufacture flags. Individual pieces of flag material are cut to size and shape and then they are joined together by using a felled seam. A felled seam is when you turn the flag material in on itself so interlocking the raw edges lay together; this ensures that the first row of stitching is trapped within the seam and the two layers of flag material pull in the same direction. This seam helps protect the flag material from the elements, the flag design would usually be digitally printed then appliqued into position on the background flag material. The individual logo designs are fixed in place using a zigzag stitch sewing machine when this processes has been completed the excess material is cut away by hand.

      Flagpole Express uses 115 gsm knitted polyester flag material for the digitally printed designs and 155 gsm woven polyester flag material for the flag background. We only use the best quality cotton threads in our applique flags, and bonded nylon threads in the hems, this ensure that you achieve the performance and durability of our flags.

      All our flag hems have a minimum of two rows of stitching all corners are box stitched and ends back stitched to ensure additional strength and longer life span.

      Anti-Fray netting is a mesh fabric sewn into the edge of the flag which provides added protection to the flag hem, creating a barrier that bears the brunt of the forces associated with flying flags.
      It is intended that the anti-fray netting should break down under these forces therefore providing an opportunity to make simple routine repairs to the flag.

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      New Zealand Sewn 1.5 Yard - 137 x 68 cm

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      New Zealand Sewn 2 Yard - 183 cm x 91 cm

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      New Zealand Sewn 2.5 Yard - 229 cm x 114 cm

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      New Zealand Sewn 3 Yard - 274 cm x 137 cm
  • Additional Extras

    • DescriptionPriceQuantity
      wooden-toggleFlag finished standard with wooden toggle£
      Flag finished with anti-fray nettingFlag finished with anti-fray netting£12.00
      Flag Finished Inglefield ClipsFlag Finished Inglefield Clips£15.00
      flag_eyeletsFlag finished with eyelets£2.50
      plastic_flag_clipsFlag finished with plastic flag clips£6.00

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