Flagpole Safety Inspection

We provide a regular flagpole safety inspection and maintenance service many people have their flagpoles installed and then forget to arrange for regular maintenance. Our flagpoles are manufactured from the highest quality materials but if you want to achieve the longest lifespan out of your flag pole it is wise to arrange routine maintenance on a regular cycle.

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When you buy flags it is important to take care of your flags. Just like when you buy flagpoles a maintenance program is vital to get the best life span from your purchase,

Flags in wind and rainy conditions

We recommend that you don't fly flags in strong winds, please note that if it is windy at ground level it will be a great deal worse at the top of a flagpole, heavy rain combined with strong winds are the worst conditions for a flag and flagpole, as the rain increases the weight of the flag and then in turn when the wind gusts there is a huge increase of force against the flag pole and halyard, prolonged use in these weather conditions will cause damage to your new flags. You should never fly any flags in force 7 or above weather conditions,

Maintenance and inspection of Flagpoles, flags and banner systems is a legal requirement in three different statutory regulations,

The Health & Safety at Work Act requires;

"Maintenance of it in a condition that is safe and without risks to health"

Building regulations require;

"The inspection and maintenance of any services, fittings or equipment so provided"

Town & Country Planning regulations require;

"The advertisement must not endanger any person"
"Any structure or hoarding used must be maintained in a safe condition"

The owner is also responsible for the maintenance, inspection and necessary repair of the structure or area that it is fixed to in order to comply with the above Regulations.


It is imperative that the installation does not go ahead if it is apparent that the structure to which the product is being fixed to is inadequate to provide a fixing that is compliant with regulations or will lead to failure.

We as company is not obliged to provide a maintenance and inspection program however we do offer this service,

Owners are not obliged to take the maintenance contract offered by Flagpole Express Ltd.

Ultimate responsibility for maintenance and inspection rests with the owner,