Two Part Classic Flagpole

Two Part Classic Flagpole


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The two part Classic flagpole range has been manufactured for ease of transportation this range starts from 4 meters in length and goes up to 8 meters long, constructed from two 60 mm diameter high grade aluminium tubes with a 3 mm wall thickness,the extra heavy duty jointing section is invisible once the flagpole has been constructed, all powder coated white to give a long lasting durable finish.

Classic flagpoles come complete with white domed flagpole top, cleat, ground sleeve and quality 5 mm braided rope. All brackets are fabricated from mild steel, and galvanised.

This type of flagpole can be mounted into the ground or onto a wall for people looking for a more traditional looking flagpole.

Rotating flag arm systems come complete with a horizontal arm at the top of the pole which easily rotates through 360 degrees allowing the flag to be fully displayed with or without any wind, constructed from aluminium, steel and stainless steel sealed bearings this system will not droop like a lot of plastic versions on the market,

Internal halyard system, this system consists of a cast aluminium lockable access door and a flag weight which enables the halyard to run inside the flagpole emerging from below the gold finial to connect to the flag, this will minimise the risk of flag theft designed to enhance flag security.

If you order a national flag please may we ask you to email which one you require.