Nottingham Flag Digitally Printed

Highest quality and fantastic value digitally printed Nottingham County flags are available in all sizes. We manufacture flags from half yard to six yard all roped and toggled ready to fly,

Nottingham Flag Digitally Printed


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The Nottinghamshire flag was registered as the county’s flag on the 20 th of May 2011. It was designed Andy Whittaker.

The Nottinghamshire flag design consists of a red and white cross with a white shield in the centre with the local legend Robin Hood the background of the flag is green. 

All our flags at Flagpole Express have a minimum of two rows stitching on every hem all the corners are box stitched and ends back stitched to ensure additional strength and longer life span.

Anti-Fray netting is a mesh fabric sewn into the edge of the flag which provides added protection to the flag hem, creating a barrier that bears the brunt of the forces associated with flying flags.It is intended that the anti-fray netting should break down under these forces therefore providing an opportunity to make simple routine repairs to the flag.