Flags Hand Sewn

Superior quality handmade sewn appliquéd flags made with colour fast vibrant flag material, all roped and toggled ready to fly.

We can supply all national flags and even help you design bespoke company flags to any size, please call one of our sales team with full spec for a competitive price.

Union Jack Flag £39.27 https://www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk/union-jack-flag St George Flag £21.80 https://www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk/st-george-flag Wales Flag £65.50 https://www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk/wales-flag Scotland Flag £25.45 https://www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk/scotland-flag EU Flag £44.37 https://www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk/eu-flag South Africa Flag £72.50 https://www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk/south-africa-flag New Page Created 27 APR, 2014 Flag of Ireland £40.00 https://www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk/flag-of-ireland New Page Created 27 APR, 2014 USA Flags £122.00 https://www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk/usa-flags New Page Created 27 APR, 2014 Rainbow flags £61.00 https://www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk/rainbow-flags New Page Created 01 JUL, 2014 Hand sewn flags https://www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk/hand-sewn-flags New Page Created 09 JUL, 2014 Ensign Flags £46.00 https://www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk/ensign-flags New Page Created 09 JUL, 2014 Flag of Italy £40.00 https://www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk/flag-of-italy New Page Created 19 NOV, 2015 French Flag £40.00 https://www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk/french-flag New Page Created 13 OCT, 2017 Warning Flags £15.00 https://www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk/warning-flags New Page Created 31 JAN, 2019 Saint David Flag £21.80 https://www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk/saint-david-flag New Page Created 31 JAN, 2019 st Pirans flag £21.80 https://www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk/st-pirans-flag